Andrea Sipl



Andrea is a contemporary artist known for her fantasy oil paintings that beautifully blend animals, fantasy, baroque and Greek mythology inspired motifs with a touch of mysticism. Her distinctive style revolves around portraying elegant, regal animals and women adorned with crowns, surrounded by intricate flora and fauna, creating a mystical and serene atmosphere. She holds an academic background in fine arts, earning an MFA in Illustration and MA in Animation, which has contributed to her diverse artistic range. Since 2011, Andrea has found success in the animation and video game industry, where her artistry has been featured in publications from clients like FX channel ARCHER, Coca-Cola and Wizard of the Coast. As a keen traveler, she believes that immersing herself in different cultures and landscapes fuels her growth both as an artist and an individual. While painting studio, she draws inspiration from her beloved feline companions, Pudgy and Pantalaimon, as she passionately crafts new works of art. Born in Venezuela and now based in Georgia, USA, Andrea's artistic journey continues to captivate and enchant audiences worldwide.