Andrew (Schmandrewart) Thompson



Hey There! I'm Andrew, or more specifically, "SchmandrewART." I’m an award winning illustrator. My work is bright, energetic, and full of emotion. Although my artistic roots began in the world of screen printing and contemporary pop art, my subject matter has begun to shift into what I like to call "fantasy pop". Since 2013, I've created work for Bioware, SuperMassive Games, Boom!, Lucasfilm, Bethesda Games, Mondo, Sony, Variety Magazine, Bojack Horseman, Reebok, Marvel, and Wizards of the Coast. In that time, I’ve shown my work at Gallery1988, Gallery Nucleus,The GenCon Art Show, Spectrum: Fantastic Art, Dragon Con, and many other conventions across the country. In addition to that, I'm also continually developing my own body of personal work while teaching on the side