Bit Wars – NuBoom Studios



NuBoom Studios is a rising animation studio seeking to create a new movement in the industry: The NuBoom. We tell stories fueled by a melting pot of artists and storytellers from different backgrounds all around the world! Unified by the desire to share stories that touch people both young and old. Whether it's coming to a new country, to overcoming stigmas, to mental health and more. We want to cross the borders and create shows and characters that mean something. Bit Wars is the first of many of these shows. To us, it's not about facing game over, it's about using your next life with your failure as a tool for your greatest success. Because despite even overwhelming odds, a true warrior learns from every quest, and you can always get back up, and try again. Stop by the booth and check out our website to meet the people behind the studio and see what we've got cooking!