Cassey kuo

Demo Area
My name is Cassey Kuo. I strive to capture and explore intensely human moments and stories through my work, all motivated by my love of movement and anatomy. This desire eventually led me down the path of storyboards as my love for storytelling continues to grow. Worked with Titmouse, Sony Pictures Animation, Marvel Animation, Nickelodeon, the Line and more.

Participant Schedule

Friday 10/27 4:30PM - 5:30PM

Spooky Storyboarding: Live Demo with Cassey Kuo

Demo Area 1 - HALL C | Cassey kuo

Join Cassey Kuo this Halloween season for a thrilling live demonstration of storyboarding a spooky sequence! Cassey will peel back the curtain on her preparatory process, showcasing what it takes before even a single panel comes to life on the screen. Dive into the nuances of storyboarding, ask your burning questions, and watch as a short spooky sequence unfolds right before your eyes. Whether you're an aspiring storyboard artist or just a lover of the craft, this session promises a blend of education, interaction, and Halloween spirit!