Cynthia Halley

Cynthia Halley is an Art Director, Visual Development Artist, Designer, Teacher, and International Speaker. She’s based in LA and primarily works for the entertainment industry. She was trained in traditional illustration as well as the entertainment arts, and both disciplines continue to influence her life-long passions of world building, visual communication, fantasy, and fun. Cynthia graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2013, and has since worked for many of the major studios including Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, Disney, DreamWorks TV, Titmouse Animation, and Nickelodeon. She enjoys sharing her experiences, and is dedicated to inspiring future artists through teaching, art direction, and lectures and workshops. Outside of the studios and schools, Cynthia is always looking for new creative outlets and enjoys dabbling in everything from industrial design to Graphics, Fashion and Costumes. She can often be found reorganizing and decorating her home, watching documentaries, sketching outside with friends, or napping with the cat.