Damián Perea Lezcano

Damián Perea, 22 years working on animation industry. as a Director and Producer. He has been directing and producing in 18 years ofthe International Summit and Festival Animayo, the only Spanish animation festival that «Qualifying Festival» by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the Oscar Awards® (since 2018). He was named Ambassador in Spain for the European Animation Émile Awards, he’s currently member of the European Film Academy of Cinematography (EFA), ASIFA Hollywood. In 1997, was the Director and Producer of the first animated work made in Canary Islands (Spain), was nominated to the Goya Awards® for his work “Could be Worse”. In 2001, was the animation director of the multi-million dollar Campaign of the Euro “Los García” (2001), commissioned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Government of Spain. He combines his work as director and producer of Animayo, with other works such as: director and producer of film, advertising and video clips, event producer, strategic consultant, advisor, speaker, jury of international festivals and talent recruiter.