Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke is a Cape Town based artist working in animation, film and Illustration. He started his career in animation in 2008 at Triggerfish Animation Studios; a collaboration that has lasted up until today and hasn seen him act as Production Designer and Art director on projects such as the feature film Khumba, BBC’s Stick Man and Snail and the Whale. As an illustrator and designer he has worked with, amongst others, clients such as Netflix, Animal Logic, The Line, National Geographic Kids, Nike, Adidas, Penguin Random House – amongst others. In 2018 he completed Kariba, a graphic novel which at the time was the most successful of its kind in Africa on Kickstarter. Daniel has worked as an illustrator and art director for international feature films such as Chronicle (2012); The Giver (2014); and Chappie (2015). Daniel recently directed Aau’s Song, a Star Wars: Visions film from Lucasfilm.