Dermot Power


Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/28 12:00PM - 1:00PM

A conversation with Dermot Power and Rob Bliss

Room 211 | Dermot Power, Rob Bliss, Renée di Cherri

Join us for a riveting conversation with renowned artists Dermot Power and Rob Bliss, moderated by Renée di Cherri. Dermot and Rob have left indelible marks on the film industry, contributing their artistic prowess to iconic films and series. Their collective credits include masterpieces such as "Last of Us," "Wednesday," "Harry Potter," "Star Wars," and "Fantastic Beasts," among others. This is a golden opportunity to gain insights into their creative journeys, learn about the artistic processes behind some of the most celebrated cinematic visuals, and engage with the minds that have shaped the visual language of modern cinema.