Devin Elle Kurtz

Devin Elle Kurtz is an illustrator and visual development artist based out of San Diego, California. Her original artbook "Windows to Worlds: The Art of Devin Elle Kurtz" was published in 2021 by 3dTotal publishing, and she has worked with 3dTotal on their Artist Master Series books as well. She illustrated "Mother of Sharks", a Penguin Workshop picture book, published in 2023. She shares her artwork online with over 800k Instagram followers, and is known online for her process videos and free digital art brush-sets.

Participant Schedule

Sunday 10/29 2:30PM - 3:30PM

How to be amazing at Social Media

Room 101-102 | Vonnart, Feefal, Tasia M S, Renée di Cherri, Devin Elle Kurtz

Delve into the dynamic world of social media with a stellar lineup of renowned artists: Feefal, Timothy Von Rueden, Tasia, and Devin Elle Kurtz, moderated by Renee di Cherri. Each artist brings a unique perspective, having successfully navigated the digital realm and amassed followings of 300,000 or more, with some reaching over a million. Discover the strategies, challenges, and rewards of building and maintaining a substantial online presence. Gain valuable insights into content creation, audience engagement, and personal branding from artists who have mastered the art of digital influence. Whether you’re an aspiring artist looking to grow your digital footprint or simply interested in the intersection of art and social media, this panel offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. Join us for a conversation that explores the multifaceted relationship between artistry and the digital realm.
Saturday 10/28 1:00PM - 2:00PM

Color and Light with Devin Elle Kurtz

Room 101-102 | Devin Elle Kurtz

Join artist Devin Elle Kurtz as she explores the art of composing color and light in a one hour painting demo. Devin will take you through her process of painting a loose and expressive animal portrait in her signature, colorful style from start to finish. Learn to make saturation shine through context and contrast to create light that truly feels as if it shines. Whether you're a budding artist or seasoned pro, this workshop offers valuable insights to enrich your understanding and application of color and light in your artworks.