Eric Ramsey

I was born in Los Angeles and have been a fan of all kinds of films be they animated, live action and everything in-between. I studied filmmaking at Los Angeles City College and fell in love with every form of cinema. I began my career in animation as an in-betweener and animation in 2D animation. Later i transitioned to live action. Now I do both. I also have some experience as a photographer and limited experience as a cinematographer.

Participant Schedule

Friday 10/27 5:00PM - 6:00PM

Storyboarding: Animation vs. Art Directors Guild

Ballroom F | Heiko von Drengenberg, Art Directors Guild, Tim Burgard, Benton Jew, Eric Ramsey

Ever wondered about the distinctions and common grounds between storyboard artists in the Animation Guild Local 839 and the Art Directors Guild Local 800? In this enlightening panel, seasoned storyboarders from both guilds will demystify the differences, share their diverse experiences, and explore the unique challenges and rewards of their respective fields. Gain valuable insights into the varied roles and responsibilities of storyboard artists across the animation and art direction spectrum, and join the conversation on the collaborative essence of crafting compelling visual narratives. This is a must-attend for anyone keen to deepen their understanding of the dynamic world of storyboarding!