Ethan Clark



Ethan is a 3D Generalist specializing in Lighting, Compositing, and Look Dev. He also excels at Environment Creation, and most of his 3D work consists of fully realized CG environments brimming with compelling storytelling. His favorite pieces of artwork incorporate human curiosity, and showing characters in beautiful moments of serenity. He is currently a 3D Generalist at CheckpointVFX, where he is on a full-time contract to work on an upcoming stylized action movie starring "Quavo", member of the rap group Migos, in his film debut. At Checkpoint, Ethan creates full CG sets from modeling to lighting to rendering. Prior to his CG career, Ethan trained as an oil painter at a small atelier in New Jersey. This gave him his start in artwork, and he tries to apply the principles of value, color, and texture to his CG work as well.