Gary Laib

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Hello and thank you for visiting my page! My name is Gary and I've been working as a concept artist, illustrator, and art director for almost twenty years. I got my start working in studios and was fortunate enough to work with some amazing people and on some amazing projects. Since 2016 I've been working as a freelance artist and have had the pleasure of working for companies such as Blizzard, Wizards of The Coast, Ubisoft, Fox, and more! This year I've been able to working in two new industries- publishing and teaching. I started working with Marble Press earlier this year as a children's book illustrator for a new series launching next year, and I'm teaching my first course for Brainstorm School in September. I've been a tutor and mentor to young artists and have been writing and illustrating my own YA fantasy series for several years. I also work as a voice actor when the opportunity presents itself! I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities so don't hesitate to reach out! I'm really looking forward to LBX23 and being a presenter at this years festivities! Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Participant Schedule

Sunday 10/29 2:45PM - 3:45PM

Illustrating In Procreate: A One Brush Solution

Demo Area 2 - HALL C | Gary Laib

Gary demonstrates how he creates black and white book illustrations using Procreate and a single brush.