Hedge Studio



Hedge Studio is an Indie development and preproduction Studio founded by Jessie Kate Bui, Project Director and Co-author/artist of Talking Threads: Costume Design for Entertainment Art. Using psychology driven techniques we develop and design inspiring entertainment media, holistic educational resources, and thoughtful products to heal, empower, and elevate underrepresented creatives /// PROJECT IN DEVELOPMENT: PARALLAX - A third-person narrative adventure game about a character who has to unpuzzle psychic visions to discover new powers, awaken witches, and conquer The Witch Hunter. The game is a mix of puzzles, exploration, and supernatural fighting. While exploring themes of seeing from another perspective to conquer fears and challenging stigmas to discover your true self /// LAUNCHED PROJECT: STORY MEDIUM - A holistic storytelling course. Master new story and design skills and use them to create a pitch deck, business plan, and mindset kit. Helping you stabilize your creative practice so you can show up, speak up, and change the world! PLUS! Get access to the behind the scenes process of creating PARALLAX.