Iga Oliwiak IgsonArt / Igayah



Hi, my name is Iga and I am a nomad artist - currently fulfilling my long awaited dream of traveling and painting the world. Work-wise, over the past 10 years, I have been focusing most on digital fantasy illustration and characters, past positions/projects including card illustrations for Magic The Gathering (Wizards of the Coast), art direction of The Wagadu Chronicles computer game and tabletop RPG books (Twin Drums studio), comic book covers for Stranger Comics, painting frames for Oscar nominated Loving Vincent movie (BreakThru Films) and painting characters and illustrations for June's Journey at Wooga. At the end of May 2023 I sold most of my stuff and moved out completely to start a new adventure as a nomad. And as I travel, I have been more committed to traditional plein air painting, especially spontaneous gouache landscape sketches - creating a ‘visual diary’ of all the places I visit. Nature and world's cultures are things that have always been the biggest inspiration to me and with traveling I can experience their most beautiful and different forms and not only create artworks based on my experiences  but also share them with others and hopefully inspire them too.