Igor Knezevic / Alienology



Igor Knezevic is award winning Architectural and Film Concept Designer having more than 20 years of design experience working in EU and USA. Based in Los Angeles CA, he focuses on creating Film Concept Designs for clients such as Sony Studios, Amazon Studios, MTV, Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Netflix, MGM and more. He is a member of Art Directors Guild of America. He created environment and prop designs which appeared in films such as: Passengers, Lord of the Rings, Jupiter Ascending, Robocop, Oblivion, Terminator Genisys, Tomorrowland, Star Trek Picard series and more. As an architectural designer Igor contributed designs and interactive experiences for many projects for clients such as MSG Sphere, Jerde Partnership, Westfield, Universal and Paramount and for various theme park and retail projects Worldwide.