Jess Karp

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Jess Karp is a full-time artist and YouTuber born and raised in New York City. Getting involved with passion for the arts from a young age, her love for creating only grew as years progressed. Graduating with BFA in Illustration, gaining years of skills, she has participated in several galleries & awards in New York City placing First Prize within two consecutive years being a student. She has worked with clients and dabbled in all different styles/mediums & topics in the free-lance art industry from commission work, to brand deals, murals, graphic design and more! Jess's versatility is portrayed through the whimsical realism in her work and her love for traditional media. She also enjoys capturing her surrounding with a sketchbook practice that keeps Jess inspired by these everyday miracles that life offers! One day, Jess shared a Sketchbook Tour on YouTube which went viral instantly and created a snowball effect of viewers discovering her from all over the world. Her YouTube Channel 'Jess Karp' currently has over 400,000 incredible subscribers. She continues to show her work, help others, and shares knowledgable tips as she aims to spread positivity every chance she gets!