Joey Mason



I'm an Animation Designer and Art Director based in Los Angeles. My recent work includes Character Design for Stretch Armstrong (Netflix), Adam Ruins Everything (Tru TV) and M.O.D.O.K. (Marvel/Hulu), as well as Art Director for Development at Nick Jr. and Oddbot. I'm currently Art Directing the new Disney Jr. shorts 'PlayDate with Winnie the Pooh'! In my free time, I explore the city around us through documentary-style, on location sketches. Inspired by travel sketching, midcentury cartooning, and street photography, I cover Los Angeles neighborhoods and events in a limited-palette, retro style. In the past few years I've also expanded beyond LA through trips and residencies in New York, Belgrade, and Galway, Ireland. Stop by my Lightbox table to check out my book collections of city sketches, art prints, as well as some movie-inspired, imagined 'on location' sketches.