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Kai Lun Qu is known for his Alla Prima (wet-on-wet) oil paintings filled with expression and painterly strokes that evoke deep emotions. In 2022, after getting inspired by artists at comic and anime conventions, he made the decision to infuse his traditional oil painting techniques and his love for pop culture media to build a bridge and interconnect "Fine Art" and "Fan Art". Kai has worked for many extensive clients since then including Square Enix and Marvel, he is currently contributing his paintings for the award winning game Marvel SNAP. He wishes to demystify oil painting and make it more accessible to the general masses in the fan art community while at the same time, open up dialogue on how any subject matter, even fan art can be worth painting to the fine art community. Kai is a Pro Team Artist for Trekell Art Supplies, Mentor for Sentient Academy, Member in The Circle of Gamblin Artists + Educators and is a faculty for the International Portrait Society of America Conference and Vision X Global Art Conference. He is currently based in LA and teaches workshops around numerous schools and ateliers.

Participant Schedule

Sunday 10/29 4:00PM - 5:00PM

Alla Prima Portrait Painting

Demo Area 3 - HALL C | Kai Lun Qu

Within this informative oil painting demo, the key concepts on how to approach values, colors and edges within a portrait painting will all be covered in an easy to digest manner. Kai will be sharing his tips and tricks on everything he knows about the subject of painting in the alla prima techniques, allowing students to gain a level up on their skills no matter the experience. Will be giving away the demo painting to one lucky attendee!