Lisa Kollins

For nine years, Lisa Kollins was a program specialist and counselor at Camp Sunrise, the only camp in Ohio for youth impacted by HIV/AIDS. She designed what was intended to be a one-time program for camp, which turned into an ongoing volunteer project, which then turned into a nonprofit organization and her full-time job. Lisa grew up in Las Vegas and now lives in a small town just outside Cleveland. She previously served as administrator of the Social Justice Institute and the Schubert Center for Child Studies, both at Case Western Reserve University, and was an Employment Associate at Youth Opportunities Unlimited, which supports pathways from poverty for teens. Lisa continues to volunteer locally and internationally. Lisa is an aunt to eight fantastic kids, ranging in age from 6-24. One of the most exciting Superhero Project moments so far was when the official Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Instagram account commented on one of our posts!

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/28 11:45AM - 12:45PM

The Power of The Superhero Project

Room 204 | The Superhero Project, Lisa Kollins, Taryn Cozzy, Lilistrations, Isabelle Lockwood

Discover how a global League of Extraordinary Artists is harnessing the power of the arts as a tool for healing and empowering youth impacted by serious illnesses, disabilities, trauma and complex mental health and medical needs. The Superhero Project (a nonprofit organization) interviews kids and teens about who they are beyond their diagnosis and how they make a positive difference in the world. Each child is matched with an illustrator who designs the superhero alter ego they describe - a visual representation of their strength, courage, creativity and resilience. Hear how artists tackle the challenge of designing a child's ideas and celebrating their differences and how this new pantheon of superheroes can change the world. Imagination. Inclusion. Representation. Joy.