Lola Yiting Zhang

Demo Area
Lola Yiting Zhang is a concept artist in the entertainment industry. Currently working at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sucker Punch Productions. She has collaborated with clients such as Sony, Microsoft, and Netease on a variety of AAA game projects, including "Halo: Infinite" along with many other unannounced titles.

Participant Schedule

Sunday 10/29 10:15AM - 11:15AM

Form Language: Twisting the Familiar

Demo Area 2 - HALL C | Lola Yiting Zhang

Dive into a realm where the often-overlooked nuances of nature take the spotlight. Imagine the unique texture of a pinecone, those intricate mineral formations, and the weirdest insect structures serving as our core design ingredients. Experimenting with form, texture, and color, blending the mundane and familiarity with unexpected twists, our aim is to craft fresh character designs that are inspired by the essence of those nuanced natural elements. We don’t know what we’ll come up with, but that's the fun part.