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A space that unlocks creativity for all. A collaborative art platform that brings artists, teams and communities together to innovate, collaborate and express themselves. Join a community of legendary artists, the most creative studios in the world and leading art education institutions. A canvas that’s accessible wherever you are in the world? Yes, that exists. Magma enables you to connect with artists from across the world and explore countless artistic possibilities. Work in multiplayer mode to reduce friction and focus on freethinking. Every artist has hidden potential. Magma is here to help you unlock it. A permanent artspace with infinite member access allows for infinite possibilities. Learn from other Magma members and grow your skill set with in-depth education sessions. As a cloud based platform, Magma doesn’t require any installation. Just log and and you’re good to go. It saves all your art in real time with unlimited version history, ensuring that no creative gems are lost along the way. Learn more at