Maya Lior

Maya Lior is an experienced character designer, animator and illustrator. Known for her captivating and enchanting mermaid illustrations along with her years-long journey, participating in MerMay opened a path to becoming a character designer for Disney Junior's Ariel. Maya is proof that contests are important and dreams do come true.

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/28 3:00PM - 4:00PM

How an Online Art Contest Can Change Your Life

Room 211 | Tom Bancroft, Whitney Pollett, Lauren Barger, Jake Parker, Maya Lior, Douglas Little, Xencelabs

Hear from the creators of the muliti-million participant online drawing challenges: "Inktober" and "Mermay" about how taking part in those challenges has changed artists' lives! Sometimes your art can speak for you - and get you a job! Come ready to hear inspiring stories from artists you know and love! Sponsored by Xencelabs.