Michael Daley

Currently a story artist at Pixar, I am a professional artist working in the film/animation industry. I have been engaged in many diverse projects and platforms including feature film live-action, animation, television, and cinematic cut scenes for high-end games. My experience ranges: art director, story artist, illustrator, animator, instructor, and designer on a variety of projects. I am intimately familiar with effective process and workflow and am especially interested in good storytelling and the story process.

Participant Schedule

Friday 10/27 1:30PM - 2:30PM

The Diverse World of Story Artists

Room 101-102 | Anthony Winn, Michael Daley, Heiko von Drengenberg, Andy Cung, Alessandra Sorrentino, Brian Kesinger, Colin Lorimer

Journey into the heart of storytelling with a panel of distinguished story artists who breathe life into tales across the entertainment spectrum. From the grandeur of live-action films and the magic of feature animation to the episodic adventures of series animation, discover the nuances, challenges, and inspirations that guide these narrative visionaries. Delve into the artistry behind your favorite stories and gain a deeper appreciation for the creative minds that shape them. Join us for a deep dive into the world where concept becomes on-screen reality.