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Nathan Fowkes is a veteran entertainment industry artist with credits on 12 animated feature films from DreamWorks, Disney, Blue Sky, and Paramount Animation. Additionally, Nathan has been sought after as a consultant for game studios to enhance the quality of their theatrical presentation including Riot Games, King, Disney Interactive, Ubisoft, Rovio,Blizzard Entertainment, Supercell and many others. He's the author of bestselling art instruction books and teaches online at when his film production schedule allows.

Participant Schedule

Friday 10/27 2:00PM - 3:00PM

Nathan Fowkes – Staying Relevant

Ballroom F

We find ourselves in a time of great uncertainty for artists and yet we desperately want to live the dream of being one. Nathan Fowkes really, really wants to continue to be relevant and has spent the past year digging into how to do it. For this talk Nathan will share his thoughts and ideas on finding the positives and the advantages available to anyone ready to work for them.