Riccardo Pagni

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Friday 10/27 4:00PM - 5:00PM

Imposter Syndrome, my dear friend

Ballroom G | Carlos Zaragoza, Chiara Benedetti, Riccardo Pagni, Aurora Jimenez, Javier Pinto, Natalie O'Brien

An artist's career can be full of joy, energy, good projects and the natural ups and downs, but sometimes a deep feeling of being inadequate can creep its way into our minds. You just don't feel you're doing things the right way, and it seems like someone else is always there, judging every step, and defeating your own talent. We put together senior artists, an art director, a production designer and fresh talents to explore a struggle shared by many. We will share some tips and experiences based on our different backgrounds and how we managed to deal with it and, in some cases, overcome it.