Stephen “SMAARTIST” Anderson

Demo Area
Stephen Anderson is a character supervisor on Overwatch at Blizzard Entertainment. He also teaches Stylized Character Creation at Gnomon School of VFX in Hollywood. He has also worked at other studios such as Marvel, Netflix, Walt Disney Imagineering, DreamWorks, Warner Bros Games, Hasbro and more. He loves working in the world of animation and creating appealing characters. One of his favorite pass-time activities is livestreaming for Pixologic's ZBrush LIVE channel on YouTube and Twitch where he crafts unique characters. He loves designing and making toys both professionally and personally. Find his work online and learn through his available tutorials and other resources! Visit his website for more information.

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/28 10:00AM - 11:00AM

3D Production Art in ZBrush

Demo Area 1 - HALL C | Stephen "SMAARTIST" Anderson

Join Stephen Anderson, Senior Art Outsourcing Supervisor on "Overwatch" at Blizzard, for an enlightening session on 3D Production Art using ZBrush. Stephen brings a wealth of experience from his diverse background working for industry giants such as Marvel, Walt Disney Imagineering, DreamWorks, Netflix, Warner Bros. Games, and Hasbro. As an instructor of Stylized Character Creation at Gnomon School in Hollywood, he will share valuable insights and techniques for creating captivating and stylized characters in 3D.