Tom Bancroft

I'm Tom Bancroft- I've been in the Animation industry for almost 35 years. I'm one half of the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, a Disney animation vet, Producer of the live action documentary, "Pencils Vs. Pixels", Author of multiple books on Character Design, Creator of Mushu the dragon, the drawing event #mermay and CEO of Pencilish Animation Studios. I live in Franklin, TN with my family.

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/28 3:00PM - 4:00PM

How an Online Art Contest Can Change Your Life

Room 211 | Tom Bancroft, Whitney Pollett, Lauren Barger, Jake Parker, Maya Lior, Douglas Little, Xencelabs

Hear from the creators of the muliti-million participant online drawing challenges: "Inktober" and "Mermay" about how taking part in those challenges has changed artists' lives! Sometimes your art can speak for you - and get you a job! Come ready to hear inspiring stories from artists you know and love! Sponsored by Xencelabs.
Friday 10/27 4:30PM - 6:00PM

“Pencils Vs. Pixels” Feature Film

Room 101-102 | Tom Bancroft, Tony Bancroft

This is the California premiere of the live action documentary, "Pencils Vs. Pixels", produced by Tom Bancroft. The film tells the story (from the mouths of the artists, not the executives) of what happened to 2D animation in the 2000s. From a glorious rise in the 90s to the fall of 2D animation in just 10 years. Interviews include: Glen Keane, Bruce Smith, Jorge Gutierrez, Alex Hirsch, Seth McFarland, Mindy Johnson, Andreas Deja, Tina Price, Tom Bancroft, Tony Bancroft, and many more! Q and A afterward with Tom Bancroft and guests, time permitting.
Saturday 10/28 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Before We Are Gone: Disney’s Mulan- Bancroft Bros

Ballroom F | Tom Bancroft, Tony Bancroft, Armand Serrano, Chris Sanders

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Disney’s Mulan, the Bancroft Bros invite two of the OG crew to share BTS stories about its making. Joining us for this LIVE Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast are Chris Sanders (head of story) and Armand Serrano (layout artist). Come be on the podcast!