WACHAJACK is a leading provider of concept art services in Japan with headquarters located in the heart of Shibuya in Tokyo. The company has art studios in the cities of Tokyo, Shizuoka, and Fukuoka as well as a strong network of freelance artists around the world! At WACHAJACK, we provide concept art support for a wide number of projects within the entertainment industry that include artwork from several next generation console and mobile games, animated and live action films, commercials, and music videos. Our portfolio features titles of video games such as Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, work for the action horror Netflix series, Resident Evil : Infinite Darkness, as well as a colorful pop 3D animated music video for McDonalds Japan, featuring hip street fashion Japanese singers, Ado and asmi. Our mission as a company is be an international hub for concept artists all over the world, working together to elevate artists’ professional and technical skills while having a great time doing so!