Deb JJ Lee

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Deb JJ Lee is a Korean American artist currently living in Brooklyn, NY. They have appeared in the New Yorker, Washington Post, NPR, Google, Radiolab, PBS, and more. Books they have illustrated include The Invisible Boy by Alyssa Hollingsworth (Roaring Brook Press, 2020) and The Other Side of Tomorrow by Tina Cho (HarperCollins, 2024). They enjoy reality tv, sparkling water, and pretending to be an extrovert.

Participant Schedule

Saturday 10/28 4:30PM - 5:30PM

Exploring the Multifaceted World of Comics

Ballroom F | Deb JJ Lee, Victoria Ying, Mario Alberti, Jazzlyn Stone, Jen Bartel, Molly Knox Ostertag, Violaine Briat

Journey through the diverse and dynamic universe of comics with a stellar ensemble of artists! Our comics panel, moderated by Jazzlyn Stone, brings together an eclectic mix of artists: Deb JJ Lee, Victoria Ying, Molly Knox Ostertag, Mario Alberti, Jen Bartel, and Violaine Briat. Each panelist brings a unique flair, having worked across web comics, major comic companies like Marvel, and graphic novels. Engage in enriching discussions about their creative processes, experiences in various comic realms, and the evolution of storytelling through illustrations. Whether you’re a budding comic artist, graphic novel enthusiast, or a lifelong fan of the medium, this panel offers a unique opportunity to insights and inspiration from the minds that have shaped and continue to innovate the world of comics.