Evan Palmer

Evan is currently the Character Designer for Series Development at Netflix. With 10 years of Art Direction and Design Supervisor experience, some of his previous projects include Centaurworld, Glitch Techs, Pinky Malinky, We Lost Our Human, Oddballs, and the unreleased Steve Urkel Christmas Special.

Participant Schedule

Sunday 10/29 2:45PM - 3:45PM

VIS DEV for series: From Concept to Greenlight

Room 107 | Liz Artinian, Evan Palmer, Netflix Animation

Developing art in today’s animation climate requires patience on a superhuman level; innovating, iterating, pivoting quickly, rinse, and repeat. The road forward can feel murky, and the development cycle endless. In this talk, artists Liz Artinian and Evan Palmer discuss their approach to visual development for series; how they ideate with design, communicate with executives, target audiences, and steadily guide a difficult project from concept to greenlight. Q & A to follow.